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Our trash presses for volume reduction of home garbage in the commercial and private sectors function exceptionally well. For Compactor services, we have bins with– 120 liters, 240 liters, 1.1CBM, 1.5 CBM, 2.5 CBM, 4.5 CBM, 5 CBM, 7 CBM.

It doesn't matter if it's industrial, home, green, organic, or construction trash. Built to withstand rigorous use and may be adapted for various purposes. They all fulfill the bulk and heavy waste volume space requirements for commercial and industrial trash. We have chain truck skips of 10 CBM, 12 CBM, 14 CBM.

We also have hook loader skips 20 CBM, 35 CBM, and 40 CBM. In addition, contractors, municipalities, and other work vehicle users can roll on and off different truck bodies or containers thanks to the hydraulic hoist system.

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