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The world generates 2.01 billion tonnes of solid waste annually.

More than 33 percent is handled in unsafe environmental conditions.

Our services include waste collection that incorporates general waste, solid waste, hazardous waste, concrete waste, scrapes, recyclables, and more.

We collect and transport hazardous waste from small volumes to drummed wastes. The solutions and procedures we follow ensure strict compliance to meet legal and waste requirements as laid down by the Dubai Municipality.

We stay updated with the latest trucks, resources, and skills to provide superior quality service to our customers, round the clock. We also provide a Waste Management Consultancy and advisory service for new developments and buildings.

Sustainable Waste Disposal, affordable costs

Through our Commercial Sales Division, we also handle transport and disposal solutions for many of our supply chains. We source sustainable options combined with the best rates across the country for bulk waste movements of general black bag waste, wood, waste, MSW Waste, C&D waste.

Whatever your requirements in Waste Management, no matter how big or small, MR SKIPS, are the experts in managing the whole process from start to finish, delivering services on time and within the budget.

Our project focuses on an expanding number of corporate and private customers, including major construction sites, offices, housing estates, tower blocks, apartment buildings, labor camps, hotels, shopping centers, airports, residential areas, landscaping companies, small and medium manufacturing plants, all meat, fruit and vegetable markets, and many more.

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