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We utilize compactor trucks to maintain basic road hygiene. It sweeps out the waste from garbage bins on the streets. And dumping it in a large container on the back having mainly four hydraulic cylinders which compress the waste material into small sizes in order to make more space for extra garbage.

The three types of garbage compactor trucks:

Front Loader

The driver carefully aligns the forks in the front with sleeves on the waste container using a joystick. The driver then lifts the waste container over the top, flips it upside down, and unloads the recyclable material.

Rear Loader

Rear loaders have an opening into a hopper at the rear to throw waste bags or empty the contents of bins into. With growing technology, they now have a lifting mechanism to automatically empty large carts without the operator having to lift

Side Loader

These trucks are loaded from the side. They load either manually (Manual side loaders), or (Automatic side loaders) with the assistance of a joystick-controlled robotic arm with a claw, to lift and tip wheeled bins into the truck's hopper.

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